Medical Contracts

If you are a CPC/Qualicare shareholder or member, herewith the 2021 contracts that we deal with & can assist you with.

Please remember that when filling in any medical aid contract, you clearly indicate, where they ask for: ‘IPA’, (Independent Practitioners Association) that you are a member of ‘CPC/Qualicare’. Your membership will often attract an enhanced fee. You may lose this fee should the funder not recognise you as a CPC/Qualicare member or shareholder. Your cooperation in this regard will be in your interest.

Completion of Medical Aid Contracts 2021:

Discovery Health GP Network 2021

Acknowledgement of terms and conditions of the General Practitioner (GP) Hospital Network for 2021

2021 – Medihelp GP Network Notice

2021 – Medihelp GP Contract


Required Documentation to register or update Banking Details

Medihelp – Banking details for Healthcare Providers

Medihelp - Update Contact Details

IPAF Registration Agreement

Medshield Contract

Medshield embarked on electronic contracting via a web portal called SigniFlow and have requested that all providers contract via this process.

The following details need to be sent to [email protected]:

  • Dr’s full name as per ID
  • Practice number (as registered with BHF)
  • Dr’s email address (to which the email will be sent via SigniFlow)
  • Dr’s cell number (to which the OTP will be sent)
  • We will then check if the provider is loaded on any of our Networks and accordingly, create a SigniFlow workflow, if still required’

E-Contracting with MEDSCHEME & Medscheme Administered Schemes

If you are a CPC/Qualicare shareholder or member, the above contracts are available on request from the QC Consultant in your area: