The Licencing Unit at the National Department of Health (DOH) has set up a new email to be used for all queries concerning dispensing licences: [email protected]

CALL CENTRE NUMBER: 012 395 8314 / 8315


The Extension of Chronic Medication Prescriptions to 12 months

General information on Dispensing

Notice to Authorised Prescribers with Dispensing Licences

GUIDELINE – Completing the Details Update Form

Details Update Form

Maximum Dispensing Fee

New Maximum Dispensing Fee:
‘As per Government Gazette No: 44333, dated 26 March 2021

The Dispensing fee changes as follows:
The appropriate dispensing fee as contemplated in the Act to be charged by persons licensed & must be calculated, exclusive of VAT, as follows:

  • (a) Where the SEP of a scheduled medicine is less than R130.00 the dispensing fee must not exceed 30% of the SEP
  • (b) Where the SEP of a scheduled medicine is greater than or equal to R130.00 the dispensing fee shall not exceed R39.00 (exclusive VAT) and R44.85 (inclusive VAT)’

Amendment / Dispense from an Additional Premises / Relocation

1st Time Licence Application Form

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