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May 2014 Newsletter

IPWIS! Integrated Pollution and Waste  Information System


PathCare is no longer permitted to supply, transport, collect or dispose of your Sharps containers  BY LAW!!!

The Department of Environmental affairs and Development Planning for the Western Cape has, in recent, wide and far reaching new legislation, passed regulations which will affect each and every Family Practitioner with immediate effect! The legislation is extremely comprehensive and very strict with massive, crippling fines and prison sentences for offenders.


Every Family Practitioner (even if you only use a glove and dispose of it) will have to register individually with the Department, as a Waste Generator of Infectious, Pathological, Sharps and even Pharmaceutical Waste, and amongst other information, will have to declare the weight of the waste you have produced and the period for which you want to register as a Waste generator.

You furthermore have to nominate your transporter of Infectious waste, and list the name of the transporter of the waste and of the treatment facility, and their method of treatment of the waste. Once done, you have to submit this information on form Annexure 3 AND keep accurate monthly records for regular inspections by Provincial health inspectors.

For the full regulations, and registration regulations etc., please see http://ipwis.pgwc.za/ipwis3

It goes without saying that the methods which you have become used to using PathCare to collect and destroy your sharps, and then forgetting about the matter, are over, abruptly!

PathCare is simply not permitted to even collect, transport or dispose of your waste any longer! Going forward, each one of you will have to register with a professional waste disposal company, then document all of the transactions with them and be able to produce them for waste inspectors who will commence visiting your practices shortly.

Qualicare is in talks with Waste disposal companies to investigate offering you a group rate, however in the interim you MUST register with the department urgently. Watch this space for special prices for Qualicare members

Acknowledging the extremely onerous requirement of the new law, and with the greatest regret, PathCare is simply forced to terminate their Sharps collection service by the middle of June, by which time you must have registered with the department as above.
Qualicare wants to take this opportunity of thanking the PathCare organisation for having selflessly performed this onerous service for so many years, and assure them of our continued loyalty and support.

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