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June 2012 Newsletter

Qualicare Life Insurance Scheme

Life and Disability Cover for Medical Paractitionors


In the medical practice your employees for an integral part  your success as well as the well being of your patients.


However, what will happen if you or one of your employees suddenly pass away or become permantly disabled? Will their families or yours survive in the absence of the income provided by either yourself or your employees?


Enjoy peace of mind in the knowledge that you and your employees have secured your future with Qualicare Life insurance Scheme and as a proffessional you will receive Sanlam's preferential rates. Your employees will benefit from these rates too.



How foes it work?

As the practice owner, you can purchase life and disability cover on your own life from R100 000 up to R1 million for the benefit of your nominated beneficiaries in case of your death. in tje event of your permanent disability you will receive the same amouht as a lump sum disability benefit.


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