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CPC Qualicare , and the IPA Foundation , are totally opposed to any form of Medical aid  fraud, as well as subversion of the laws of Natural Justice. Neither will be countenanced. IPAF strongly states that affiliation to any IPA group or any pressure group or representative organisation cannot be used to defend doctors who have committed fraud.

Here are the principles of natural justice
(some legal principles are "natural" or self-evident and do not require a statutory basis.)

Dear CPC Shareholders and Members
DOCTORS and healthcare providers are once again operating legally, after the Constitutional Court declared invalid a proclamation by the president bringing into effect sections of the National Health Care Act that regulates where doctors can operate.

HEALTH Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has defended the government's failure to attract private doctors to work at clinics in the National Health Insurance (NHI) pilot districts, telling parliament that greed was standing in the way. Only 96 private sector doctors have signed contracts to work the NHI pilot districts, well short of the target of 600 set for this fiscal year, which ends on March 31. Doctors complained that the hourly rate offered by the state was too low, despite the government offering the top hourly rate set by the Department of Public Service and Administration for public hospital sessional work, Motsoaledi said.

The Healthcare Risk Waste Poster is available for download from this link : Healthcare Risk Waste Poster The Poster is in Microsoft Word Format.

The National Institute for COmmunicable Diseases  has provided a case investigation form for ebola virus disease testing. Click the link below to download the form in Microsoft Word Format

Ebola - NICD Request Form

IPAF is totally committed to addressing the reduction of type 2 diabetes in the South African community. The key person in the value chain is however the Family Practitioner as he is ideally suited to influence behaviour change and emphasise sustained weight loss, exercise and diet.

Dear CPC Shareholders and Members
We have been reliably informed by the Director-General Health that following on advice from the State Law Advisors, that the Proclamation of the sections in the National Health Act dealing with the Certificate of Need, is to be withdrawn.

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