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About Us

CPC/QualiCare (CPC/QC) is the largest and most effective self- sustaining, Independent General Practitioner Network in the Western Cape Province since 1990. CPC/QC is exclusively doctor owned and managed. CPC/QC's experienced consultants provide the vital link between your Practice, the Company and the Medical Industry.

We have 5 highly experienced consultants on the road, daily, visiting members and addressing their problems, personally passing on the latest information and company direction. They see each member every 6 weeks, but also contact members regularly by e-mail or phone. Distant members are seen 2-3 times a year.
NB: During the C19 pandemic they will be maintaining contact, ± every 10 days, with each of their practices by telephone and reporting back to our virtual office.

CPC/QC covers the entire Western Cape Province from Beaufort West in the North East to Lutzville in the North West through Cape Town to Struisbaai in the South, Plettenberg Bay in the East and everywhere in between (Cape Peninsula, the southern and northern city areas, the entire Boland and Overberg area; N2-, N9- and N-12 routes, including Oudtshoorn, Prins Albert and Ladysmith)

As an IPA we are directly involved in Primary Health Care. The mission of CPC Quali Care is to establish a network of doctors who are committed to accessible, quality, cost effective, non-discriminatory health care.


  • Dr S Lison [Chairman]
  • Dr MP (Phaldie) de Villiers [Vice Chairman]
  • Dr A D Behrman [CEO]
  • Dr S A Craven
  • Dr E Meintjies
  • Dr AS Zeeman
  • Dr DWJ Augustyn


P.O.BOX 15633

TEL.: 021 - 4264777

FAX.: 021 - 4265502

DR TONY BEHRMAN 083 270 7439
MARILIE DEALE 083 791 3047



SHIREEN HARRIS 067 896 0529    
ANNERÈ van PLETSEN 067 851 3747    
ZULFAH NORDIEN 067 851 4740    
WENDY ALEXANDER 068 299 2543  
YVETTE DU BRUYN 082 742 1210  


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Contact Information

Postal Address: Physical Address :
P.O.BOX 15633
Suite 501
Boland Bank Building
18 Lower Burg Street
Cape Town

TEL.:  021 -  4264777
FAX.:  021 -  4265502