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December 2020 Newsletter

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity: Albert Einstein

As we move into 2021 new must remember that we all have to change with the times.

It was Einstein who commented that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. (Apr 7, 2017). 

Covid has changed the world. Now it’s our turn. 

Qualicare has had to adapt to remain ahead of the curve so:

  • We have moved to much smaller premises in Boland Bank Building Cape Town,
  • Reduced our field force by 20%, and withdrawn them from the road completely.
  • We mostly work virtually, from home offices meeting 3 x week on Zoom.
  • We hold directors meetings in a similar way.
  • We recently pioneered our entire Open day into a virtual format with Astra Zeneca. It was a resounding success, and if things continue as they are projected to do, we will remain virtual for the next 2 years at least.

Last week we marked 8 months to the day that the country went into lockdown against Covid 19, and life changed, seemingly forever.

The hopes of a quick first wave, “over and klaar”, have faded with the dawn of a vicious second wave starting in the Western and Eastern Cape. If we look back into the history of past pandemics, there will almost certainly be a third and a fourth to follow. Strange however, the virus has not changed much, but our behaviour has become more and more lax and slack!

RSA figures show just short of 900,000 infected cases having been identified and 50,000 deaths either from Covid, or labelled as “excess deaths”.

The argument has now shifted from a health one, to one of health economics. The cost of preserving life versus the cost of irrevocably stunting the SA Economy for generations to come. Can we quantify the loss of lives of many of the older generation against keeping the economy going for our youth?

In the meanwhile, fault lines in healthcare which have been there for the past number of years and become institutionalised, have been shown up for what they really represent namely blatant, gross mismanagement of the countries health resources, fuelled by cronyism, corruption, cadre deployment irrespective of competence, and straight forward unabashed dishonesty and theft!? a solid foundation upon which to build the future NHI? You be the judge…..

In this melee of uncertainty CPC/Qualicare has remained solidly behind you and your practices and our 550 Family practitioners in the Western Cape.

  • Our mass emails have guided you with the required knowledge through dark times.
  • Our monthly e-newsletter offers you the most essential reads to remain abreast of the latest government regulations and edicts, ethics, warnings of scams dressed up as schemes, and schemes which fail to meet their statutory obligations.
  • The smalls sections allows you to advertise for free as a member of shareholder and is a great place to look for or find locums and practices for sale or to buy.
  • Your Qualicare Care Consultants remind you of deadlines to pay your HPCSA, BHF, Dispensing licences and CPD requirements. They have direct contacts into almost every major funder/administrator to address your billing and registration problems. They are your practice allies and friends and more often than not manage to sort out the most complex practice situation on your behalf.
  • Our mass emails alert you to important notices which will be to your financial or legislative advantage. We do NOT send spam!
  • Your free practice stationery is delivered on time, (provided you order on time) and offsets the membership fees by up to 50% per month.

Your QCCs call your practice every second week and report back to me 3 x per week with any problems which you identify and we then address jointly from problems with funders not paying PPE to others demanding unfair settlements for erroneous payments into your practices, at a time that you really do not have cash flows. Try to take our calls wherever you can!

We will continue to do our best for General Practice in the Western Cape but request that you play your essential part by reading your mass emails and newsletters, writing to us with any practice problems and keeping up with your subs.

From me and my dedicated Qualicare team, we wish you all a Merry and Meaningful Christmas, a Happy Chanukah, and a healthy and prosperous new year into 2021.

Tony Behrman, Solly Lison and the Qualicare Team.


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