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To be the pre-eminent Independent Practitioner Association in the Western Cape and the reference source for all General and Family practitioners and their administrative staff in the Western Cape.


To provide Quality, Affordable, Equitable, non-discriminatory healthcare to the primary Care patients of the Western Cape, through empowering their doctors with clinical, business and ethical knowledge, as well as up to date practice information and assistance.

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2021 Virtual Open Day Related Reading Material, Questions & Answering Sheet
2021 Virtual Open Day Related Reading Material, Questions & Answering Sheet

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As valued CPC/Qualicare Shareholders & Members, we offer you enough knowledge to successfully and without excessive input, prepare your practice, should you experience a POPIA inspection. This handout pages constitute a mere basic guideline with simplified steps, which, if followed, should bring you into baseline compliance with POPIA as from 01/07/21.’



POPIA – Frequently asked Questions & Answers
POPIA – Frequently asked Questions & Answers HOT


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Self-Service Platform for Registered Practitioners

Kindly note that Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) has introduced a CPD Self-Service Platform on the HPCSA Website for Practitioners to submit queries and upload necessary evidence of compliance to CPD programme (e.g. CPD certificates) in order to meet requirements in terms of Section 26 of the Health Professions Act (Act No 56 of 1974). The practice of random sampling practitioners from HPCSA database to verify compliance to CPD requirements is discontinued, all practitioners can upload their CEU certificates as and when they become available on CPD portal on the HPCSA website

2021 - CPD - HPCSA - Manual for Practitioners 


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New Maximum Dispensing Fee

New Maximum Dispensing Fee:
‘As per Government Gazette No: 44333, dated 26 March 2021

The Dispensing fee changes as follows:
The appropriate dispensing fee as contemplated in the Act to be charged by persons licensed & must be calculated, exclusive of VAT, as follows:

  • (a) Where the SEP of a scheduled medicine is less than R130.00 the dispensing fee must not exceed 30% of the SEP
  • (b) Where the SEP of a scheduled medicine is greater than or equal to R130.00 the dispensing fee shall not exceed R39.00 (exclusive VAT) and R44.85 (inclusive VAT)’
Section 61 declaration for DSPs 2021 Reimbursement Rates & Plan Options offered by SA Funders
2021 Reimbursement Rates & Plan Options offered by SA Funders

‘Please find a summary on the increases for schemes as well as the FP Network tariffs & new options or changes for 2021

2021 - POLMED AQUARIUM MEMBERS TO NOMINATE THEIR PREFERRED NETWORK GP The Extension of Chronic Medication Prescriptions to 12 months CPC/Qualicare and IPAF position on recent development regarding Fraud, Racism & Funders withholding Payments

As the leading national Family Practitioner doctor network we do not condone fraud, & will not defend any of our members in instances where fraud has been proven beyond doubt. Secondly, we do not condone deviation from the law by medical schemes &administrators, in the name of recouping monies allegedly claimed fraudulently. Lastly, we urge our members to exercise care and caution when providing medical services and claiming from medical schemes for services rendered.

A Pocket Guide to Antibiotic Prescribing URGENT NEWS from IPAF

“IPA – Clarification of Terminology”

Guidelines for Membership of IPAF (June 2017)

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“IPA - Delivering Promises you can rely upon”

The IPA Foundation mission is to ‘promote Quality, Cost efficient, Patient centric care’.....

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“With IPAF You ( and IPAF) are the network”

and you are NOT a DSP!!! 2017 sees more and more funder organisation forming their own networks of GP’s thereby turning you into a Designated Service Provider. Have you ever stopped to wonder why?

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Guidelines for good practice in the Health Care Professions

General Ethical Guidelines for the Health Care Professions: Practice as a health care professional is based upon a relationship of mutual trust between patients and health care practitioners. The term “profession” means “a dedication, promise or commitment publicly made."