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  • Qualicare is hosting it’s 2nd Garden Route Congress in August 2016 !

    There will be exhibition stalls and lucky draws. We will supply al the attendees with a related reading CD for 6 extra CPF points.

    Date: 20 August 2016
    Time: 11.30am—6.30pm (Lunch provided)
    Venue: Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, George Cost: Free of charge

    CPD Program 11 CPD Poijnts applied for. ( incl. 2 ethical points & 6 related reading )

  • Frequently asked questions about the seasonal flu vaccination

    When is the best time to have a flu vaccination?
    In South Africa, the best time to get your flu vaccine is before the end of April, before the flu season sets in, and before the virus spreads or as soon as the vaccine becomes available. However, if you have missed this period, the vaccine can still be taken at any time during the winter season.

  • The role of appropriate diagnostic testing in acute respiratory tract infections

    The role of appropriate diagnostic testing in acute respiratory tract infections: An antibiotic stewardship strategy to minimize diagnostic uncertainty in primary care

    Brink AJ, van Wyk J, Moodley M, Corcoran C, Ekermans P, Nutt L, Boyles T, Mendelson M, Perovic O, Feldman C, Richards GA.

    Antibiotic resistance (ABR) has increased worldwide to the extent that it is now regarded as a global public health crisis. Interventions to reduce excessive antibiotic prescribing to patients can reduce resistance and improve microbiological and clinical outcomes. Therefore, although improving outpatient antibiotic use is crucial few data are provided on sustainability, the key interventional components or on the effectiveness of antibiotic stewardship (ABS) in the primary care setting, particularly in South Africa.

  • New COIDA Fees for 2016/2017

    The new COIDA fees have been released.  To review the update please download the Government Gazette, from the link below.

  • Compilation of 2016 tariff offerings by SA Funders

    The IPA Foundation of South Africa is committed to both practitioners and patients in RSA, to assist in the provision of Quality, Cost effective medical care.

    The plethora of funders in this country makes it almost impossible for a practitioner to keep up with what Funders are offering in return for a consultation with a Family Practitioner.

    IPAF therefore scans the market and midway in January provides you with a compilation of fee offerings made by Funders and insurers for the year.

    These fees are NOT negotiated by IPAF with the funders, nor bargained for, or endorsed, but merely set by the funders and offered to the profession on a take it or leave it basis.

    As a service to our members, we collect all of the market information and centralise it for ease of reference and for your use, should so you decide.

    IPAF takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the data, or for any subsequent or resultant losses incurred by practitioners using the information. It remains the responsibility of the practitioner to confirm the accuracy of the information provided by IPAF.

    For the direct link please : click on this link


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