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  • 2017 – Worcester Mini Congress Invitation

    “IPA – Clarification of Terminology”

    Guidelines for Membership of IPAF (June 2017)

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    “IPA - Delivering Promises you can rely upon”

    The IPA Foundation mission is to ‘promote Quality, Cost efficient, Patient centric care’.....

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    “With IPAF You ( and IPAF) are the network”

    and you are NOT a DSP!!! 2017 sees more and more funder organisation forming their own networks of GP’s thereby turning you into a Designated Service Provider. Have you ever stopped to wonder why?

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  • Guidelines for good practice in the Health Care Professions

    General Ethical Guidelines for the Health Care Professions: Practice as a health care professional is based upon a relationship of mutual trust between patients and health care practitioners. The term “profession” means “a dedication, promise or commitment publicly made."

  • Prior Pre-Paid Mobile Health Care Vouchers

    Here is the first real alternative to Medical Aid, from IPA Foundation and Prior Vouchers.

    We are excited at the new concept of Prior Pre-Paid Mobile Health Care Vouchers, which can be used to pay for a consultation at the Family Practitioner without the patient needing to acquire or carry cash on hand. Prior Pre-Paid Mobile Healthcare Vouchers is worth R320.00 for a consultation in 2017.

  • Compilation of 2017 Tariff Offerings by SA Funders

    To download the tarriff offerings by SA Funders, please click this link : http://docweb.co.za/practice-management/tariffs/2017-tariff-offerings.html

    Alternatively you can access it directly from the main menu under practice management.

  • Poisons Information Helpline: Number Change

    The number and name for the poisons emergency telephone service available throughout South Africa has changed.

    The new 24/7 poisons service is called: Poisons Information Helpline 0861 555 777

    Please remove your old numbers and replace with the above which is serviced by both Tygerberg Hospital and Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital.

    If you would also like to display the two poison centres’ office numbers for general non-emergency queries, they are as follows:

    • Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital Poisons Information Centre: 021 6585111
    • Tygerberg Poisons Information Centre: 021 9389596 (Office Hours)

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